Venture Trailers
We are a stocking dealer for Venture boat trailers. Cumberland Trailer usually stocks between 7 and 15 different models on our lot, ready for delivery. Call us directly to check if we have what you need in stock.

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All Venture trailers on our lot come standard with;

2 year manufacturers warranty
Aluminum or hot dipped galvanized steel construction
Hydraulic surge brakes
Submersible DOT approved lighting
Super-Lube hubs
Tongue jacks
Poly-Glide bunk covers (where applicable)
Aluminum mag wheels (for 2007)
Bright diamond plate fenders on most models
Boarding ladder on pontoon trailers
Trailer rated tires
Non-marking rollers as needed
Bow cradles or target bunks

Plus..... Venture's superior engineering seen below.

Venture builds their aluminum trailers using hot dipped galvanized crossmembers. These crossmembers are bowed downward to allow a lower ride height for the boat, thus allowing easier launching, retrieval and less overall height going down the road. The angle of the crossmembers allows the bunks to better match the hull bottom for better support. These crossmembers are bolted through the center of the aluminum I-beam with backing plates, rather than having it hung on the bottom of the beam. This makes for a much stronger mounting area. The crossmember is also isolated from the aluminum beam with plastic isolator pads, thus keeping the dissimilar metals from touching each other. This is critical to keep corrosion at bay. Suspension U-bolts are also separated from the I-beam with an aluminum channel.

Venture trailers are fully adjustable. All models can have the winch towers adjusted forward or backward and the winch moved up or down. The bunks can be moved in and out or even have a second set added for inboard applications. The suspension undercarriage can be moved forward or back, to fine tune tongue weight. On the pontoon trailers, even the cradles can be moved in and out to support the pontoons perfectly. You just really can't get a better fit than one of these trailers.

A word or two about painted steel trailers......

Lots of people think custom made, painted steel trailers are the way to go. They see 4 sets of bunks and think the hull is supported better. This is not necessarily so. Most of these painted type trailers use 2"X6" bunks laid flat on welded brackets. These brackets are usually welded in place for that specific boat. A 2X6 board, laying flat has very little resistance to bowing. This leaves the boat hull actually supported most by the areas of the plank where the brackets are attached to it. This makes several high pressure points on your boat's hull.

Painted steel trailers all have to be welded, primed and finished. All of these steps increase man hours and material costs. This ends up being passed on to the buyer, making a painted steel trailer cost the same or more than an aluminum trailer..... even though the life expectancy is far less.

Painted steel trailers are painted and sometimes even primed, but this is usually only able to be performed only on the exterior of the tube. That leaves the inside of the tube highly susceptible to rust, especially in the areas where welding was performed. Bottoms of crossmembers where water can sit or areas where these trailers are prone to get scratched or chipped will quickly start to rust. The real problem is these trailers may look fine on the outside, yet be half rusted through on the inside.

Venture uses heavy timber bunks on end to provide the most support possible for the hull bottom. These bunks, mounted at the angle they are, match the hull bottom of boats very well. This is a much better way to arrange bunks on a trailer. It is also noteworthy, a Venture trailer can be adjusted to fit just about any boat in the size range it is intended for. If you look at a steel painted trailer, it is difficult at best to make it fit a different brand or size vessel. Even if you can make the bunks fit a different boat, there is no guarantee the weight distribution will be correct, and you can't move the undercarriage on one of those at all to fix your tongue weight. Trying to buy one used is just a shot in the dark.
We can order you a new painted steel trailer if you want one, but we do not stock any.